Frodoe’s core focus is providing offshore development services. We have worked with established businesses, startups, digital agencies, and software product development companies, both in US and India.

Why Frodoe?

Working with clients in India and US, we have designed our services to fully meet your demand for a reliable, result-oriented offshoring partner. Here are just 3 of the values shaping our corporate culture.

  • Cross-skilled Teams

    Small teams, cross-skilled & cross-functional that collaborate intensively are essential for delivering, exceeding client expectations

  • Partners in Progress

    Iterate to improve, revise to include as many adjustments as needed, while keeping you the client closely involved in the project

  • Committed to client’s success

    Great results come from a great sense of conviction and commitment to success of our clients. Our most valuable asset is to be better and do what-it-takes to improve our client's bottom-line

Marketing & Branding

How is it that some brands are remembered and others aren't?

Business ideas can be unique. However, once they enter the market with product and service offerings, they more often than not tend to get quickly commoditized. You know it, and have experienced it too.

The big question is "How do I differentiate my product or service from my competitor?" Trying the features vs benefits or price vs value has been done to death. Couponing and discounting isn't as much as a strategy, as it is a tactic. What you need to do is sit down and develop a story that your prospects can identify with. Herein lies the catch. Developing a great brand story is more than just creating a tagline and slapping it on everything you do.

You need to craft a narrative and create a tone that captures the personality and key attributes of your brand.

Which is what we did to . We told something different; a story that no one's heard before. We told their brand is priceless to a clinic's growth. And we also were daring enough to attack the low priced brands that were pretending as equals. So we made it a priced less Vs Priceless theme. The brand owners, to their credit, dared to be truthful, as in they got out of the comfort zone of traditional advertising.

As a content marketing firm, we can tell you that for a client it isn't easy to

Speak to your audience about real things and create real experiences.

Talk in a language they'll understand but say something unexpected.

Never put your guard up—invite your audience in, and give them a story they can share.

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