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Optimize IT services delivery costs to make room for growth
Health & Nutrition
Take your competition head-on with proven data models
Mobile Apps
Enhance user experience with mobility data
Product Development
Enabling small businesses to experience the benefits of digital transformation

A brand is a sum total of stated objectives, desired outcomes and user experiences.

Your customers see your company though your brand. We help you stay focused on building your brand.

We distil the core message, craft the story and, shape the narrative. We are in the business of making your brand matter.Read More

Balance benefits of data collection with privacy protection

Adhere to "Data Sovereignty" laws of countries you collect data from

Data-driven Customer Delight:
Insightful interpretation of consumer data is the key to customer delight

Context-Driven Sales:
The kind of marketing data that needs to be served is determined by when and where that data is consumed

Ask and You Shall Get
When someone subscribes to a service, registers with a website or buys something online for the first time, a form usually needs to be filled out

Websites, Cookies & Beacons:
Cookies and web beacons enable companies to track visitors' browsing histories – even as they exit the company's site and venture off around the web.

Personalize Content for
Visitors to Your Website
How do you personalize data for individual visitors?
Capture all data - including data from social media channels
Segment the captured data
Use Predictive Modeling to forecast trends
Run it on a pilot basis and correct it to increase accuracy
Roll it live
Our AI-driven Marketing Solution Will Help Your Enterprise Drive Differentiation, Accelerate Growth and Increase Profitability
Building & Managing Mobile Apps That Help Build Your Business
Our in-house custom app development team can build features specifically for your app from scratch. We take care of the entire cycle from prototyping to playstore / i-tunes testing & release
Custom Apps |
Business Apps |
NGO Apps |
Event Apps
Helps Vikram's Small Business Deliver Rice to over 3000 Shops & Reach over 6 million households - all from a 300 Sq.ft sapce.
Our applications are helping small businesses that have little or no e-commerce capabilities to convert their marketing sites into selling locations that extend their customer bases, images and sales in entirely new ways. These entrepreneurs are using our digital transformation services to introduce their business to markets far beyond those which are currently in their reach.
Providing services to build applications that create new opportunities and accelerate business value
Transform/Scale Agile
Build applications that help you scale your business. Our teams will work with you to enable this digital transformation in an agile mode
BI & Data Solutions
Use bespoke or custom applications to make your data deliver actionable insights. Get anwers to questions on Customer behavior, Inventory & Sales
DevOps Solutions
Have a seamless merger of teams, tools and, process to empower your DevOps teams to deliver faster, cheaper and quality software
QA Engineering Solutions
Work in agile mode with our team of experienced hybrid QA Engineers proficient in both manual and automation testing.